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By anna July 26, 2012

Apart from image gathering via the Facebook group one of my key objectives of this module of the MA has been to reconnect with MY imagery, so I started to do my own visual research to contribute to the group.

I wanted to create something more than photographs and sketches I wanted to build a creative project…..but I got stuck….I had forgotten my working design method. But with a little help and a nudge in the right direction I rediscovered my passion for collage and the freedom and fluidity that that design method allows me to work.

From that point forward I was smitten with the photocopier and then terribly excited about creating a colour palette and so once again I retraced my creative path and found myself in the print room, mixing pastes and generally playing.  The work produced in the print room got me really enthused, but I didn’t just want to use my photocopies I wanted to want to draw, so I began to draw and mark make using silk screens, and was amazingly relieved to find my “handwriting” coming back and I FINALLLY felt a sense of “ownership” over the project.

And here are just a few images…..














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