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My first Blog Post

By anna July 1, 2012

Well this is exciting, my first Blog! I hope this is going to be an opportunity to share my work with people and more importantly get some feedback.

So, for the last 5 years I have been working to commision which is for me a very rewarding way of working, where the art that is produced has come from conversation and interaction. However this year I decided I wanted to do some more self serving work, and have started a MA in Textiles at Norwich University College of the Arts. I am taking this opportunity to explore my imagery and create a body of work that reflects my own aesthetic and have a bit of a chance to play with creative ideas , that up till now I have not had time to explore.

I will be putting up images of my work as it develops from photos and sketches through to textile pieces. Hope you like them and do give me feedback please!



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