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MA Final project…Faded Glamour

By anna March 18, 2013

YarmouthSo my apoligies for the gap in my blog posts but my poor computer has been unwell and its been pretty hard to work updating the website without it.

So to give you an idea of what I have been upto I may just ramble a bit if thats ok…..

So my Final Major project for my MA is going to concentrate on exploring the idea of rugs combined with other textures. The collection of work is based on the theme of Faded Glamour. The inspiration for the project coming from the vintage train posters with their stylistic approach and bold use of colour. Whilst using this asthetic I am drawn to the old seaside towns of the Norfolk coast and looking for whispers of their once glamourous past.

It is all really a work in progress and I will post someĀ  more pictures soon, but in the mean while I have been absorbed in research of artists and designers whos approach to colour and or concept construction that inspire me.

I went to to the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at the Tate Britain 2 weeks ago and his collages really got me excited about mixing up my use of materials. Check out this link.

Later the same week I went to the London Transport Museum and got even more excied about the project , if you get a chance to go I beg you to. The array of designs that were so ahead of their time is simply mind blowing and very inspirational.

So that just gives you a taste of where this project is taking meĀ  and pictures to follow very soon


Anna xxxx


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