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This is my mind map my Masters ramble…it makes little sense but hopefully gives you an idea

By anna July 25, 2012

The back bone of my Masters the utility pole, explores connections, and the changing role of communication. My approach reflects me feeling uncomfortable with technology but recognising its role in my work. So I ask my self lots of questions:  This everyday piece of urban furniture will it disappear  and will anyone miss it ? Owned by the community and used by it, so where will the missing dog posters hang? Why am I drawn to this functional construction that interrupts the vista? An icon of our time, a celebrity of film and photograph. Sentimental represent ion of passing time, dial-up and mum says get off the phone. Wires to every house on the street do I know my neighbours name? Letters from America memories from my global journey asking everyone do these poles matter to you? I am too young for a technology to die in my lifetime is this about turning 30 and my dad  to 70. Its about noticing the small things, taking a proactive approach to documenting the response to these question. I am using new technology to celebrate the passing of an old one. Creating a facebook group for the utility pole gathering images, asking friends across the globe to use snail mail to send me their favorite pictures of The Pole. Comparing the contrasting response between joyful anticipation and urgency of deadlines will this go viral? Is this hopeless and just strange? Its my muse, it is my way of utilising modern technology moving between new and old techniques, screen printing, turfing, photoshopping, creating an interesting three way. Is this a way of me utilising a forgotten New York project and letting it rise like a phoenix from the past? My American mood piece  celebrating cities you pass through holding on to one or two memories. This structure becoming my icon celebrating the smog, shadows and invisible views.  Do I dare use transparent fabrics and explore the change of density,  creating an installation, an atmospheric exhibition creating something more than just 2D . I intend to use my Masters as a way of  connecting with other makers by any means, building a community,  a sounding board,  a sense of understanding. A way of sharing knowledge and  documenting the tool I love. Its about digging deeper  its about “non-important” things, like the wooden metal pole on every street and the tufting gun, connecting the relationship between the two and celebrating them. Its about  both the back the front the inbetween the place the people the feelings the story.


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