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The View from the Flowerbeds

By anna January 10, 2013

The intention of my final piece for this project was to create a space that came from the volunteer’s perspective.

From the start of the project my intention was not to be simply a voyeur at Felbrigg Hall, but to get involved and get an insight into the working side of the Gardens. In retrospect I feel I did not allow myself enough time, with the balance of MA and my employment, to becoming a real part of the volunteer community, however I hope that this project reflects the powerful effect the experience of been part of this group albeit briefly had on me. I hope that my creative response to the Garden and the work from the other side of the flowerbeds is a fitting celebration to this wonderful organisation’s volunteer scheme.

I have called the final piece “View from the flowerbeds”, because this is where the inspiration came to me. On one of the days I was at Felbrigg we were working in amongst the flowerbeds, clearing them of the vegetation as it died back, and I realised I  had a viewpoint that regular visitors would not really get (unless they were being naughty).

As I looked down at my muddy boots I saw my feet were surrounded by rich colours and shapes, and then as my gaze drifted up I saw the colours shift to softer hues, as the apple trees that are trained along the wall of the garden, had shed their leaves and this created the effect of lace against the bricks; finally I looked to the backdrop of the autumn trees on the estate that cast their silhouettes across the cold morning sky. I realised it was from this viewpoint that I was really seeing the seasons change.

Hope you like it

Anna xx



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