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Its Reflection Time…

By anna January 8, 2013

As this project draws to a close, I am pleased with the result. I have set myself some ambitious goals and surprised myself when these have been attainable. What proves to be the most successful aspect of the project, I feel, has been learning to access and react to challenges as they occur with what I hope to be a degree of success. The sheer scale of my festive endeavours has meant that I have had to make decisive decisions. First, I had to address issues of planning which I did by timetabling the project against my employment. This resulted in the project coming together on time. Secondly, I reacted to some of the unexpected challenges that this piece brought up. Specifically creating a balance between the printed areas of the piece and the tufted areas. Initially I believed that applying procion dyes with their vivid tones would compliment the vibrancy of the wool. However the distinction between the different layers created a jarring effect that took me a while to find a solution. This was resolved with the advice given by a fellow artist who suggested adding long stitch embroidery that would draw the eye through the boundaries. I am not natural embroiderer but the desire to use the best possible means meant that I had to challenge myself in order to achieve my goal.

There have been numerous other pitfalls that have kept me on my toes but they have only helped inform what I need to address when approaching my final MA project. What has inspired me most is how I can see my use of layers; both printed and tufted, developing. Not only is there this tactile quality but also there is a metaphorical narrative that runs throughout my work that I wish to bring forward.

This moment of reflection on the project has helped crystallise my professional practice, however I do apologise if it has been somewhat longwinded and I will post some pictures of the completed project as soon as it is ready.

Anna xx


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