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Finding Felbrigg Hall

By anna October 16, 2012

I am embarking on the second year of my MA and have decided to pursue a community project based at one of Norfolk’s nicest National Trust properties, Felbrigg Hall. My project will be focusing on celebrating the gardens and the work of the volunteers and the staff while it is closed for the season. A common misconception is that all is quiet during the winter season at a property such as Felbrigg, however while everything looks like its dying down or sleeping, the volunteers are as active as ever.

What I intend to do is creatively document the hive of activity that is often uncelebrated by collecting visual imagery and personal narrative and developing this into a textile collection inspired by the gardens and the community that keeps it alive.

I’m going to throw on my wellingtons and waterproofs and get involved. As well as getting my hands (and everything else, I’m sure) dirty, I will be drawing, photographing and having a good natter with the volunteers to get a real understanding of what this community is all about.

Please take a look at Felbrigg’s website at:

I look forward to hearing any ideas and feedback you have.

Anna x


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