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By anna July 26, 2012


In my  previous posts I have already told you about my “muse” for my Masters, the Telephone Pole and why I was drawn to it initially, but now I think it is time to really get started with this Blog and keep you up to date with my work as it happens.

However before I start with quick fire images and day to day updates (hopefully!),  I have to do one more little ramble, about my current working practice to put it into context.

I am a Technophobe and I am certainly not comfortable with new technology and more specifically applying it to my work as an artist and maker. However it is apparent that the rest of the world does not agree with me and are making leaps and bounds , utilising creative technologies to achieve some amazing work.

I decided to address this in my current MA work, I would use  modern social media and in my case Facebook  as a research tool.  So, I created an online group called the “Telephone Pole Appreciation Society” and invited friends to join. With one short introductory paragraph I set the ball in motion.

“I love telephone poles. I know you do to. Deep down. So lets document them! Pictures. Works of art. Found images. References from the movies. Anecdotal titbits. Urban legends. Lets have it all!”

I  wanted to know if anyone else could get as excited about this as I was and to my relief and  surprise the answer was YES!

This unexpected enthusiastic responce then informed how I would proceed with the project. I could not just use this facebook group as a form of data gathering I felt duty bound to give something back to those who had sent me responses.

The work you will see from now on is about creating work that responds to this groups enthusiasm and giving  a creative product back in thanks.

If you want to find the Facebook group please follow this link:
Anna x


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