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By anna November 18, 2012

This post will be brief as it is just a way of saying look I have finally done some work!

I have got to grips with the project at last, which is a great relief. I have found my way of working once again and it is as always drawing. Having sourced lots of imagery from the autumnal gardens at Felbrigg and collected seed heads and wilting blooms I have done a large scale drawing that merges the imagery and I hope creates a sense of the place and captures the richness of  the colours and textures.

The next stage is allowing the narrative of the volunteers to come into the work so it is not just my observations but also allows the sense of community to create another layer to the work. The historical references are also having their own impact on the work and I hope successfully giving the project its National Trust feel, which I think is vital.

So there is lots more work to do but here are some images so far…

Anna x



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