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Creating Collections and trying to be more organised!

By anna August 1, 2012

My approach to my current project has been to TRY and create a methodical way of working. Now generally I am a messy person and one could say disorganised, however I am trying to counteract this via planning.

So far in my blog, I have have talked about how I reconnected with my creative practice and rediscovered my working rhythm . This sense of confidence has then allowed me to lay down some “rules” for the rest of the project. Basically I have created a “How to get from inspirational image to creative response guide” for myself.

  1. Gather images
  2. Photocopy images
  3. Collage and play with scale
  4. Take into print room and introduce colour
  5. Develop a sense of “ownership” of  photocopied images by translating them into hand painted silk screen prints
  6. Take into Photoshop and use “advanced cut and paste” to play with scale and combinations
  7. Print onto fabrics and play with layers. (optional)

This approach so far has yielded some really positive work, but I have struggled with sorting through the images I have got from the Facbook group and my own pictures. So I have created 3 collections, these are a way of me sorting the images, creating distinct palettes and again keeping me focused. But  it is worth noting that this separation of the images may not be that  important in the end and  it may just be a tool to organise things….

the Collections are:

  • Norfolk poles- a personal response
  • China poles- a bespoke response
  • Facebook poles- a response to the groups collective response.

and here is the latest image from my China Poles collection:

Hope you like it

Anna x


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